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FPP Coalition lives its Guiding Principles of Learning, Influence, Connection and Partnership by serving as a leading-edge provider of world-class learning content for Financial Capability practitioners. Insights and thought leadership are captured and available to all FPP Coalition members and partners in this portal.

All virtual learning session recordings available below are linked to content hosted on Spondulics, the internet and streaming broadcast platform powered by FPP.

FPP Virtual Learning Sessions

September 2022FPP Coalition September 2022 Virtual Session: “Facing Financial -isms”Recording
July 2022FPP Coalition July 2022 Virtual Session: “Emotional Intelligence and Connection”Recording
April 2022FPP Coalition April 2022 Virtual Session: “How to Implement Financial Health and Wellness Programs in the Workplace”SlidesRecording
March 2022FPP Coalition 2021-2022 Tax Season Rapid Virtual Session: “What Do You Do When You Encounter a Taxpayer With No Relationship With a Financial Institution?”SlidesRecording
February 2022FPP Coalition 2022 Sixth Annual Online Conference – “Retreat. Reconnect. Retool. Rejuvenate. Renew. Resurge!”SlidesRecording
January 2022Volunteer Income Tax Assistance Program (VITA):  What It Is, How It Works, and What You Can Do To Support It In Your Community . . . An Interactive Virtual Session by FPP Coalition and PartnersSlidesRecording
January 2022More Than Free Taxes:  The Connection Between VITA, Financial Inclusion/Bank On and Tax Time Savings . . . An Interactive Virtual Session by FPP Coalition and PartnersSlidesRecording
December 2021FPP Coalition Credit Union Leader 2021 Virtual Roundtable – The Role of Credit Unions in Elevating Financial Inclusion for AllSlidesRecording
September 2021FPP September 2021 Cyber Safety Virtual Forum: “The Undeniable Link Between Cyber Safety and Financial Capability”SlidesRecording
September 2021FPP September 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session: “Coffee With KOFE: Financial Capability Resources to Elevate Financial Inclusion”SlidesRecording
August 2021FPP August 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session: Why Financial Capability has to Be in the Equation for True Inclusion to ExistSlidesRecording
August 2021FPP August 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session I: “OUR Florida Brings Rent and Utility Relief to Eligible Floridians”SlidesRecording
July 2021FPP July 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session: Making Sense of the Child Tax Credit Changes for Those We ServeSlidesRecording
July 2021FPP July 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session: Invest in Rising Youth – Strategies for Post-High School SuccessSlidesRecording
June 2021FPP June 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session: “Human Trafficking in America – Awareness and Resources for Financial Capability Practitioners”SlidesRecording
May 2021FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session: An In-Depth Look at CRA – How the Community Reinvestment Act Supports Your Work in 2021 and BeyondSlidesRecording
May 2021FPP May 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session: Principles for Creating Purposeful Bank PartnershipsSlidesRecording
May 2021FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session: The Fundamentals of CRASlidesRecording
March 2021FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session: Collective Impact – Powering Prosperity for All Recording
February 2021FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session:  Safeguarding Seniors From ScamsSlidesRecording
February 2021FPP Fifth Annual Online Conference: “Together Again, In Harmony”SlidesRecording
October 2020FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session: Exploring the Digital Divide – How Digital Access Intersects With Our Work, Our Lives and Our WorldSlidesRecording
September 2020FPP Special Edition “Better Together” Virtual Session: Ask the Attorney About Tenant Rights and Updates on Eviction ProtectionsSlidesRecording
September 2020Is Professional Certification for You?:  Certified Practitioner in Financial Capability (CPFinCap) Information/Prep SessionSlidesRecording
September 2020FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session for All Financial Capability Practitioners:  “Trail Blazing In the Social Capital Century”SlidesRecording
August 2020CPFinCap Certificant Demo Session: CLU Attainment and Tracking in TogetherCert.comGuideRecording
August 2020FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session for Frontline Financial Capability Practitioners: “Learn About FreshEBT and COVID-19 Impacts on SNAP Households”SlidesRecording
July 2020FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session for Those Who Serve Youth/Families: “Serving Families and Children Now to Break the Cycle”SlidesRecording
July 2020FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session for Non-Profit/Community/CRA Leaders: “Current CRA Activity in Response to COVID-19”SlidesRecording
June 2020FPP “Better Together” Virtual Session for Financial Coaches and Other Practitioners: Featuring The Financial Clinic and Change MachineSlidesRecording
May 2020FPP 20/20 Introduction to the Virtual Escape Room Learning Activity (BETA Test)SlidesRecording
May 2020FPP 20/20 Virtual Conference – Session #3 – Closing Plenary – A Peer Over the Fence: Seeing Community Financial Capability Grow, Now and Into the Future Recording
May 2020FPP 2020 Virtual Conference – Session #2 – Thursday Plenary – Futurists Exploring Financial Capability for Tomorrow’s WorldSlidesRecording
May 2020FPP 2020 Virtual Conference – Session #1 – Wednesday Welcome Plenary – Futurists Exploring Financial Capability in Today’s WorldSlidesRecording
May 2020Future Bound: Enhancing Educational Attainment with Children’s Savings AccountsSlidesRecording
April 2020When Credit and Life Collide . . . an Interactive “Quiz” and Q & A on Credit-BuildingSlidesRecording
April 2020COVID-19, the CARES Act, and Those You Serve: What the Un- and Under-Banked Need to KnowSlidesRecording
April 2020Safe Financial Products for LMI Households/Communities in the Time of COVID-19SlidesRecording
April 2020How Your Local Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) Serves Taxpayers During COVID-19 and Throughout the YearSlidesRecording
April 2020Innovation and Creativity When Serving LMI Taxpayers During COVID-19 Recording
April 2020Virtual Meetings That Work – Connecting With Those We Serve Through TechnologySlidesRecording
March 2020CPFinCap Rapid Virtual Session – Potential Candidate Demo and Q & A Recording
February 2020FPP Fifth Annual Online Conference
“The Future Is Now: Leading-Edge Practices for Serving Your Community”
November 2019“Unlocking the Potential of Unemployed Youth”SlidesRecording
October 2019“Stand Up and Be Counted!”SlidesRecording
October 2019“A New Framework for Effective Community Development Practice II”SlidesRecording
September 2019“A New Framework for Effective Community Development Practice”SlidesRecording
August 2019“Foreclosure Programs as Affordable Housing Creation”Slides | EssayRecording
June 2019“A ‘Peer’ Over the Fence”SlidesRecording
April 2019“Avoiding the PayDay Loan Debt Trap”SlidesRecording
March 2019“The Need for Financial Simplicity”SlidesRecording
February 2019Statewide Financial Inclusion/Asset Building/Bank On/Prosperity Campaign – Q1 Virtual Convening
“Impact Stories, Next Steps and a Commitment to Action”
February 2019FPP Third Annual Online Conference
“Meeting LMI Floridians Where They Are . . .”
November 2018“Understanding ABLE Accounts and How They May Benefit Those You Serve”SlidesRecording
October 2018“Serving Your Clients with WRAP® for Finances”SlidesRecording
September 2018“Conscious Empathy, Education and Breaking Poverty Cycles”SlidesRecording
August 2018“Using Data and Mapping for VITA Planning”SlidesRecording
July 2018“Helping You and Your Clients Avoid Identity Theft”SlidesRecording
June 2018“How to Assist Students in Evaluating Financial Aid Award Letters”SlidesRecording
May 2018“Collective Impact-Riding the Waves of Why”SlidesRecording
April 2018“Bitcoin Buzz: Sperarating Fact From Fantasy About Virtual Currencies and The Tech Behind Them”SlidesRecording
March 2018“Promising Practices: Serving the Needs of Clients With Low Literacy, With FL TON is available”SlidesRecording
February 2018“What Does Florida’s 42 Nationwide Prosperity NOW Scorecard Ranking Mean”SlidesRecording
December 2017 “The Devastation of Puerto Rico – History Rewritten, and Financial Literacy’s Success Story”SlidesRecording
November 2017 “Florida KIDS COUNT: A Data Review, Conversation and Action”Slides (pptx)Recording
October 2017 “Outsmart the Scammers!”Slides

Fraud Awareness Credit Card

Fraud Awareness Collection Scams

Fraud Awareness Overpayment 

Protecting Your Personal Information 

Fraud Awareness Grandparent Scams
September 2017 “Reviewing the Opportunity Index, Featuring Opportunity Nation – September 2017”SlidesRecording
September 2017 “Irma Recovery in Florida: Assessment, Information, and Collaboration”Slides

Survey Summary

Survey Detail
August 2017“Financial Apps as Tools for Client and Student Success”SlidesRecording

Regional Roundtable Content Archives

FPP 2020 Regional Roundtable Content

South Central Florida – Financial Inclusion in Rural Florida Recording
East Central Florida – Mental Health and Financial CapabilitySlidesRecording
Southwest Florida – Financial Inclusion in Metro/Coastal Florida
    Lee County FICO Scores by Zip Code I
    Lee County FICO Scores by Zip Code II
    Lee County FICO Scores by Zip Code III
Central Florida – Workplace Skills Development Summit
    Central Florida Workplace Skills Development Resource
Big Bend of Florida – Support Small and Minority-Owned BusinessSlidesRecording
Southeast Florida – A Tax Time Summit
    Low Income Taxpayer Clinic (LITC) Florida Locations
    VITA Alternative Service Delivery Models for Miami-Dade County – 2020-2021 Tax Season
Northeast Florida – Financial Navigator Initiative LaunchSlidesRecording
West Central Florida – Financial Inclusion and the Racial Wealth GapSlidesRecording


Other 2018 FPP Presentations

Bank On Immokalee April 30, 2018