FPP May 2021 “Better Together” Virtual Session: Principles for Creating Purposeful Bank Partnerships

05/11/2021 @ 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM EDT
Virtual Session

Low- to moderate-income community members face mounting financial challenges during the current economic crisis.  One important way to provide relief is to connect them with safe and impactful bank products.

However, we know from research that low- to moderate-income households and communities are disproportionately unbanked or underbanked and incur high costs when they are banked.

In this interactive session, participants will discuss bank partnerships, especially with Community Banks, as a tool to connect LMI households to safe and impactful products.  In particular, we’ll ask: 

- Who is the ideal bank partner?

- What is the foundation for a meaningful partnership?

- What strategies can social service organizations deploy to form meaningful partnerships?