FPP Virtual Sessions

FPP Virtual Sessions

FPP offers monthly Virtual Sessions for all members and partners. These one-hour learning sessions (some call them webinars) delve into a broad variety of topics relevant to the FPP coalition of practitioners in financial social work.

FPP monthly Virtual Sessions encourage participants to submit questions to the featured Guest Expert, creating interaction and dialogue that helps maintain the pace of the 60-minute technology-based learning event. Ideally, participants use their laptop or desktop PC and computer speakers or phone to fully engage in the audio and visual elements of the session.

The PowerPoint slides and the recording of each monthly session is then posted on the FPP website at Member Resources. The range and variety of topics is evident as this list of monthly Virtual Sessions is reviewed.

Registration is free and open for all learners as part of the service FPP provides to its membership. Registration for the FPP monthly Virtual Sessions is found on the Upcoming Events page.

To propose a topic or offer to facilitate an upcoming FPP Virtual Session, please contact FPP@FPPCoalition.org.

Support by organizations is appreciated so valuable learning of this magnitude and modality can continue to be offered in this low investment/high return format. Please contact FPP@FPPCoalition.org to discuss sponsorship opportunities for the FPP monthly Virtual Sessions.