FPP Customized Learning

FPP Customized Learning

Customized Learning Events 

The FPP team is equipped to offer Customized Learning Events for Your organization based upon your stated/assessed needs. Examples may include:

  • Financial Social Work / Capability 
  • Financial Education / Literacy 
  • Organizational Capacity-Building
  • Emerging Leaders in Financial Social Work / Capability

Please contact FPP@FPPCoalition.org to explore options customized for your developmental needs.

FPP Train-The-Trainers

FPP works closely with content developers to offer high-quality learning experiences that prepare learning leaders to help others learn critical Financial Capability topics.

FDIC Money Smart Financial Capability Curriculum

Money Smart is a comprehensive Financial Capability curriculum designed to help low- and moderate-income individuals outside the financial mainstream enhance their financial skills and create positive banking relationships.

Half- to full-day sessions are offered to prepare facilitators to lead the Money Smart Adult Curriculum, Money Smart for Youth Curriculum, or a combination of both curricula.

Please contact FPP@FPPCoalition.org to schedule.

CFPB Your Money, Your Goals Toolkit

Your Money, Your Goals is a set of Financial Capability materials for organizations that help people meet their financial goals by increasing their knowledge, skills, and resources.

The full-day session includes an a) Introduction to the Toolkit, and b) Starting the Money Conversation.

Please contact FPP@FPPCoalition.org to schedule.