Engage With FPP

Many opportunities to engage with FPP exist for you as an individual or as part of an organization! 

FPP recognizes that “It Takes a Community” to serve our fellow Floridians in our communities large and small, and offers you many different ways to be a part of the coalition that is making the difference for our neighbors across the state!

Learn more about the many ways you may choose to engage with FPP:


A Supporter of FPP is any organization or individual who offers financial or in-kind support. Financial Supporters fall into two categories, Funders and Sponsors. Learn more about the Funder and Sponsor opportunities below.

In-Kind Supporters can make a positive impact in limitless ways. Contact your Coalition Support Staff at FPP@FPPCoalition.org to explore the many ways you can offer your Support to the thousands of peers representing hundreds of organizations who serve the financial security and prosperity needs across Florida.

Learn more about the many ways to be a part of the FPP movement at Support FPP.


A Funder of FPP offers funding for a grant project or initiative at $1000 or more to help meaningful work that touches hundreds or thousands of Floridians’ lives become a reality.


A Sponsor of FPP provides sponsorship for a specific Learning and Connection event, of which there are many to choose that all help develop knowledge and skills for our FPP Members and Partners.

Learn more about Funder and Sponsor opportunities at Support FPP.


A Member of FPP is the lifeblood of the statewide coalition. Committed Membership sustains the coalition, and deepens the commitment to working together in a community of professionals who serve the financial stability, well-being and prosperity needs of our fellow Floridians.

Membership is available at the Corporate Organization, Non-Profit Organization and Individual levels. Learn more about Membership at Join FPP.


A Partner of FPP is any person or organization who maintains connection with the statewide coalition. The individual or organization’s name remains part of the contact list until the time is right to elevate to other roles defined above.

Partners may still engage in FPP-sponsored learning events and initiatives, yet may not fully benefit from access afforded to Members, Funders, Sponsors and Supporters.