Coalition Support Staff

Coalition Support Staff

FPP Coalition has a dedicated team of coalition support staff members who embrace their part in making the Guiding Principles of FPP—Learning, Influence, Connection and Partnership—come alive. 

President and CEO

Leads: Strategic Direction for FPP, Conference Planning, Team Leadership, Financial Edutainment Initiatives

About Bill: While working for a large regional bank, Bill started volunteering with FPP in the very early stages of the organization, helping to form its strategic plan.

Now, as FPP’s President and CEO, he continues to share his passion for empowering individuals and organizations to engender a more prosperous Floridian.

He holds a BSBA in Marketing from University of Central Florida. Bill is a proud father of three and is married to the love of his life, Emma.

Director, Partner Engagement

Leads: Learning, Marketing/Communication, Operations and Certified Practitioner in Financial Capability (CPFinCap) Initiatives

About Barry: Barry feels blessed to work with FPP as part of Career 3.0.

Barry began Career 1.0 as a hospitality operations leader in theme restaurants and theme parks for nearly ten years. While with Universal Orlando Resort, he parlayed his leadership acumen into a role in Human Resources/Learning and Development, and found his passion for developing talent and leadership.

Barry spent the next fifteen years in Career 2.0 as a learning leader in a variety of industries, including real estate development, agribusiness, supply chain logistics, financial services and non-profit healthcare. During this time, he honed his principles of leadership while designing and facilitating hundreds of strategic learning initiatives and consulting with countless leaders at all levels.

In 2014, Barry boldly stepped away from corporate life to author a leadership book on volunteer engagement. This shift to Career 3.0 led to multiple non-profit service opportunities locally and across the United States, including a two-year volunteer role with FPP.

The relationships built during that time led to the continuation of serving those who serve others with FPP.

Director, Bank On Florida

Leads: All Florida Statewide Bank On and Financial Inclusion Initiatives

About Patrick: Patrick recently completed a thirty-one-year career in the mortgage banking industry, including a decade at JP Morgan Chase, where he worked closely with community stakeholders as a Relationship Officer in Chase’s Community Engagement Division.

Patrick has participated in hundreds of first-time homebuyer and financial education workshops over his career and focuses heavily on affordable lending. He currently serves as the Chair of the Palm Beach Affordable Housing Collaborative and the Broward Affordable Housing Task Force, and is a strong advocate for financial learning and the vital role it plays in financial access, financial capability and wealth building.

Patrick’s Bank On introduction occurred while at JPMC, where he participated in several Bank On Coalitions. Immediately an advocate, Patrick integrated Bank On into the financial learning sessions he facilitated in communities and the technical assistance training provided to non-profit partners. Building awareness of Bank On became a cornerstone of his strategic plan to increase Financial Capability in underserved communities.

He is excited and eager to serve as Director of Bank On Florida and seeks to be a catalyst for the increase of newly banked individuals throughout the State of Florida.

Director, Initiative Development

Leads: Grant Writing and Coalition Initiative Development

About Kayla: 

Kayla began her professional career originally in the field of veterinary medicine as a veterinary assistant in Boston, MA, while pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree at Northeastern University. Upon completion of her degree, she moved back to her hometown of West Palm Beach, FL, to take time away from studies and weigh future academic options.

During this time, Kayla connected with FPP to assist in data work and member outreach. Since beginning her position, Kayla has grown a deep appreciation for FPP and the opportunity to serve community members serving others.

She is also a proud animal advocate and pet parent to 3 dogs, 2 cats and 7 chickens.

Director, Technology

Leads: Strategic and Tactical Technology Development Initiatives

About Ryan:

Ryan developed the foundational skills necessary to support the FPP Coalition through IT and philanthropic work at East River High School. He expanded on these qualifications through engagement in web development work aligned with Orange County Public School Systems.

The abilities Ryan honed during this work opened an opportunity for him to align with the FPP Coalition staff for a technology internship, during which he was able to fully re-platform and integrate FPP’s technology environment.

Upon showing his dedication to maintaining all of the technical aspects FPP’s initiatives and communication rely on, FPP welcomed Ryan into his current role. He has continued to work to support the Coalition’s technical needs while expanding into other roles in directing, producing, and editing content both published on Spondulics and used in FPP’s major initiatives.

As Ryan continues to work with the FPP Coalition, the next focus in is to expand upon the accessibility and inclusion efforts across all of FPP’s virtual platforms and ensure FPP is truly able to provide lessons in financial capability for all members and partners.


Supports: Technology Platform Development

About Matthew: Matthew is currently pursuing his Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science at the University of Central Florida after having completed his Associate of Arts degree at Broward College. He updates and maintains the many websites the FPP Coalition and its partner organizations currently manage, along with assisting the development of technology-based special projects, such as Spondulics TV, the internet and streaming broadcast platform powered by FPP.