Coalition Support Staff

Coalition Support Staff

FPP Coalition has a dedicated team of coalition support staff members who embrace their part in making the Guiding Principles of FPP—Learning, Influence, Connection and Partnership—come alive. 

Carmen Pena

Director, Florida Taxpayer Opportunity Network (FLTON)

About Carmen: Carmen, a resident of southwest Florida, serves as the Director of the Florida Taxpayer Opportunity Network, for the FPP Coalition. Carmen spent several years in bookkeeping roles, and as a project accountant in the construction industry. Helping people organize their finances is a passion of hers, making her a strong fit for her role supporting VITA and other Coalition Financial Capability initiatives.

Ms. Pena likes to help empower and inspire others to be the best version of themselves. She enjoys supporting community organizations whose missions help young children as they shape tomorrow’s future.

Director, Bank On Florida

About Patrick: Patrick recently completed a thirty-one-year career in the mortgage banking industry, including a decade at JP Morgan Chase, where he worked closely with community stakeholders as a Relationship Officer in Chase’s Community Engagement Division.

Patrick has participated in hundreds of first-time homebuyer and financial education workshops over his career and focuses heavily on affordable lending. He currently serves as the Chair of the Palm Beach Affordable Housing Collaborative and the Broward Affordable Housing Task Force, and is a strong advocate for financial learning and the vital role it plays in financial access, financial capability and wealth building.

Patrick’s Bank On introduction occurred while at JPMC, where he participated in several Bank On Coalitions. Immediately an advocate, Patrick integrated Bank On into the financial learning sessions he facilitated in communities and the technical assistance training provided to non-profit partners. Building awareness of Bank On became a cornerstone of his strategic plan to increase Financial Capability in underserved communities.

He is excited and eager to serve as Director of Bank On Florida and seeks to be a catalyst for the increase of newly banked individuals throughout the State of Florida.

Internship Development Coordinator

About Nathalie: Nathalie is a rising professional, currently finishing her Senior year in high school, and entering her first year at Valencia College. She is pursuing her Associate’s degree and in the future plans on getting her bachelor’s in business administration. 

Nathalie participated in the Bright Minds Fresh Ideas Think Tank in 2021 and in 2022. In her first year she participated as an intern, and the following year she came back as a cohort lead. After the internship, she continued working with FPP as an executive assistant to the CEO. 

Nathalie finds a passion in working in secretary/assistant work. She has always been the one who helps all those around her with communications, filling out applications, finances, and so much more. 

She genuinely has a passion for helping others progress and grow! 

Chief Technology Coordinator

About Kevin: Kevin is a developer and writer from Crooms Academy of Information Technology in Sanford, Florida. He has a long personal history with technology and programming. At FPP, he works alongside others to keep FPP’s websites modern and up-to-date.

Kevin is an Intern with FPP’s technical wing and helps maintain and update all of FPP’s websites.

Junior Web Developer

About Catherine: Catherine is a student at Crooms Academy of Information Technology in Sanford, Florida. She enjoys computer programming and drawing. She has taken several courses through the Dual Enrollment program with Seminole State College to learn multiple computer programming languages, including Java and C++. She has a passion for science as a subject, as Catherine is the president of the Chemistry Lab Club at her school.

Her hobbies include art and playing video games. She uses many different mediums such as pencil, acrylic paint, clay, watercolors, and pen to create things such as dragons, moths, and video game characters. Her favorite games of all time are Hollow Knight and Portal 2, though Pokémon, Kirby, A Hat in Time, and Stardew Valley are close behind.

Catherine is currently an intern at FPP.

Junior Web Developer

About Aiden: Aiden Bernstein is junior web developer with FPP and helps maintain FPP’s websites and create new experiences for it. He is enrolled in Crooms Academy of Information technology and Seminole State College as a dual-enrollment student. He’s knowledgeable in many fields and has a passion for learning. A few of the programming languages that he favors are the front-end web stack, Java, and Python.

His hobbies include programming, longboarding, mountain biking, photography, skiing, and snowboarding.