Spondulics, Pockets Change & Hip-Hop Education Center Present… Hip Hop FinFest Volume 2: Wants Are Need$ Too!

They’ve been gone for a minute now they’re back with the jump-off! In observance of the 50th anniversary of Hip-Hop and Financial Literacy Month (April 2023), Pockets Change and Hip-Hop Education Center (in partnership with Florida Prosperity Partnership, Spondulics TV, Morphing Minds, Prezi, and A&R Room) are excited to announce the return of virtual concert competition, Hip Hop FinFest – Volume 2: Wants Are Need$ Too!

On Thursday, April 13, esteemed Hip-Hop veterans and experts—including Sway Calloway, G-Dash, J Rawls, Queen Herawin, and Derrick Thomas-McKinney—will pick one lucky winner from the top finalists during the livestream event. Multifaceted artist-entrepreneur Dyalekt will resume hosting duties.

Viewers can watch online on the digital financial edutainment (education + entertainment) Spondulics TV platform.

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