Join Getting Your Client to Say “Yes!”

Join Getting Your Client to “YES”! First Class is Jan. 25th 2023!!

This FREE training will identify key challenges and solutions for the client’s journey to obtain financing to purchase a home. This multi- session training will enable you to assess your client’s financing needs, provide your client information regarding a variety of mortgage products and establish expectations for the loan application process. You will also gain tips on identifying “red flags” and overcoming challenges to ensure your client get to “yes”.


What You Will Learn:

  • Mortgage Process: what the borrower needs to know
  • Overview of the different loan programs
  • The Impact of Mortgage Insurance vs. Funding & Guarantee Fee
  • Preparing your client for Acquisition Cost and/or Cash To Close
  • What is the supporting documentation
  • Understanding the upfront documentation from the lender
  • What happens next and what can go wrong after the signed contract:
    • Processing
    • Underwriting
    • Closing

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