A Message from FPP and Suncoast Credit Union

Are you or someone you know trying to improve their finances? Yeah, tell us about it! It seems like nobody can catch an economic break lately, and money is on everybody’s mind.That’s why FPP, in partnership with Suncoast Credit Union, is holding the Money on My Mind Challenge. This competition pairs contestants with personal finance coaches from FPP’s very own CPFinCap program, and has them compete over 8 months to improve their personal finances. The winner is decided by how much personal improvement each competitor shows!FPP is seeking contestants (between 20 – 30 years old) and coaches! Throughout the contest, all activities will be filmed and turned into the first ever Financial Capability Reality Show, broadcasting in 2023 on Spondulics. The winner will be announced at FPP’s 2023 Financial Capability Training Conference, and be awarded $5,000 for their effort.Information to sign up as a contestant is available on Spondulics TV. If you are interested in learning more about the coaching process, or being a partner to this program, please contact Amanda at Amanda@FPPCoalition.org.