FPP February 2022 Partner Spotlight: Hassan Thomas

For the month of February 2022, FPP Coalition would like highlight Coalition partner: Hassan Thomas. Thomas is the Founder and CEO of HRT Enterprises, LLC., and creator of FYI FLI (For Your Information: Financial Literacy & Investing) which is designed to teach millennials how to manage, and grow, their money through its financial literacy app, website, podcast and online curriculum.

Hassan is a 2020 graduate of Maryville College in Tennessee. As a certified financial education instructor, he has taught financial literacy for Circle Time (ages 6-10), Libre Institute, Prince George’s Community College, Michael Finley Institute, and Online Youth  Empowerment Academy (OYEA), among other organizations.

After graduating, utilizing the financial practitioner skills he developed, Thomas and Co-Host, Remy Green, created and released 50 episodes of the FYI FLI Podcast, coming this Friday at 10am EST to Spondulics.org. In doing this, Thomas and Green gained 18,000+ downloads in over 50 countries! FYI FLI The Podcast has been nominated for 2022 Podcast of the Year by The Southern Entertainment Awards.

FPP is elated to have Thomas joining the Coalition in 2022 as not only a Spondulics Content Creator, but also as a financial educator dedicated to the Coalition and its mission – To Elevate Financial Capability for All.


Mission – To create real and lasting pathways to learning, resources, and opportunities through technology and other mediums that result in bolstering financial literacy and healthy relationships with money for individuals and populations that have been systematically, categorically, and historically underrepresented and denied the intel, access, and tools needed to produce generational wealth.

Vision – Imagine an App that will inform, teach and allow you to not only manage but GROW your finances in a little as 10-15 minutes. FYI FLI is that app that will serve its customers by providing a new and innovative educational tool designed to promote financial literacy while allowing users to budget, save, eliminate debt and other options.

Impact – FYI FLI will impact the financial services industry by providing a simplified financial literacy app aimed directly at millennials and generation Z, but through extensive work with my development team in India we have made FYI FLI – website and app all inclusive (14 and up). FYI FLI will have a simplistic foundation, but will allow consumers to learn, invest, receive money managing tips, and have access to stock news—all in one convenient place.

Available Services: 

Speaking – Thomas is available for virtual or in-person speaking opportunities. Developed opportunities currently available include a Financial Literacy & Mindset Lectures, including From College to COVID, which is ideal for college students preparing to enter the professional world graduating during the pandemic.

Teaching – Thomas is available for virtual or in-person Financial Literacy Classes. These courses are typically 5 weeks in length, can be offered as e-courses, and are customizable to the clients needs.

Edutainment Campus Tour – Coming soon, Thomas will be available and booking locations across colleges across the nation for Financial Edutainment events. This booking will include Friday evening, live podcast recordings filmed with engaging with the student body, followed by a Saturday morning Financial Literacy workshop opportunity, and a Saturday night concert.

SCFF Curriculum – Thomas is offering a semester or year-long certified financial literacy curriculum to interested learners, partnered with a Learning Management System (LMS) for interested teachers hoping to share the curriculum further.

To seek further information on any of these available opportunities in partnership with Thomas, please contact info@fyifly.com.

Upcoming Events/Opportunities:

Literature: Thomas’ first book, From College to Covid: 24 Lessons Learned During Lockdown to Increase Your Drive, Destiny & Dollars, was released January 4th, 2022 and is currently available. It tells the story of, how over the course of the COVID-19 lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, Thomas managed to transform a disappointing senior year of college into a thriving multi-faceted FinTech business called FYI FLI: For Your Information, Financial Literacy & Investing.

Engagement: Thomas is coming to the FPP 2022 14th Annual Financial Capability Training Conference, beginning May 31st, 2022. Thomas will be taking part in the conference as a guest speaker, and will be engaging with the audience during the live podcast. Individuals can register through the FPP website to attend, or can watch live through Spondulics.org during the event.


Edutainment: FYI FLI, the podcast, airs this Friday, March 4th, at 10am EST on Spondulics.org. New content is scheduled to be released every Monday and Friday. Following each episode’s air-date, the podcast will be available on-demand through Spondulics’ browse page.

If you’d like to explore more information about Thomas, FYI FLI, or any other opportunities mentioned, please visit FYI FLI’s webpage. FPP Coalition is honored to serve the various partner and member organizations that comprise the Coalition, and with that service elevate awareness to all of the opportunities made available by our practitioners, such as Thomas, within and beyond Florida.