Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): Help for People Displaced From Their Homes During the Pandemic

November 11, 2021

Do you serve or work with people who have lost their housing because of factors related to COVID-19? Whether through foreclosure or eviction—many people are finding themselves without a home. We compiled resources and information for people who have been displaced from their homes and are struggling financially during the pandemic, including how to:

Get the free help they’re entitled toThey may be able to get help with housing or other services through local programs.

Find safe temporary housingTips for how they can find safe temporary housing as they recover and rebuild.

Stay on top of billsTaking charge of bills and other paperwork can help people make a smooth transition to a new home.

Keep an eye on their credit Losing a home or having errors on a person’s credit and payment history can make it harder to find new housing.

Please share this information widely with your networks and the people you know.