Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Enduring a Global Pandemic . . . The Stats and the Story Behind Small Businesses’

September 27, 2021

Register today for, Connecting Communities: Enduring a Global Pandemic: The Stats and the Story Behind Small Businesses’ Journey through COVID-19 at the Connecting Communities® website. Participation is free, but pre-registration is required. 

Session Date: Thursday, October 7th, 2021 

Session Times: Hawaii: 9:00 a.m.; Alaska: 11:00 a.m.; Pacific: 12:00 p.m.; Mountain: 1:00 p.m.; Central: 2:00 p.m.; Eastern: 3:00 p.m. 

Throughout the pandemic, important conversations about the challenges, support, and recovery of small businesses have been ongoing. This session will highlight data from the 2020 Small Business Credit Survey (SBCS) that help to more deeply examine how the pandemic impacted a diverse range of small businesses, including nonemployer firms (businesses with no employees other than the owner), and firms owned by people of color. This virtual event will also discuss how SBCS data continue to inform small-business recovery and resilience. 

The SBCS is a national collaboration between all 12 Federal Reserve Banks. As the largest annual and national survey of its kind, it is a unique source of data on the credit experiences of small businesses. The SBCS is supported by a diverse network of more than 400 community and business groups throughout the country. 

Accion Opportunity Fund—a nationwide nonprofit organization that provides small-business owners with access to capital, networks, and coaching—is a 2021 SBCS partner organization. Accion Opportunity Fund will join this conversation to offer insight into ongoing challenges, note methods of innovative support, and provide ways that data inform action. 

The 2021 SBCS is open until November 19, 2021. There is still time for organizations to join as partners and for small business owners to offer their insights


  • Joshua Miller, vice president of policy and research, Accion Opportunity Fund 
  • Maria Thompson, SBCS outreach manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 
  • Emily Wavering Corcoran, SBCS program manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland 
  • Matuschka Lindo Briggs, director of special projects and strategic support, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (moderator)