Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): New Data on Older Adults Struggling to Make Their Rent Payments

August 12, 2021

Safe, affordable, and stable housing provide the foundation for people’s well-being, financial and otherwise. As a result of COVID-19, many older renters are now at risk of losing their home to eviction. Census Bureau data show that as of July 2021 nearly 583,400 older adults were behind on their rent payments and are at risk of eviction. An eviction will disrupt these renters’ lives, health, and finances.

Today, we released a fact sheet describing the characteristics and circumstances of older adults who are struggling to make their rent payments. The snapshot highlights that many older renters are still behind on their rent payments even as the economy improves. See the data and learn about specific demographics

We are working closely with partners across the federal government to provide renters the resources they need, including information to understand their rights and protections.