FPP July 2021 Partner Spotlight: Realize Now

July 14, 2021

For the month of July 2021, FPP Coalition’s support staff would like to take a moment and highlight Coalition members Realize Now, the growth and learning company. Run by Travis Walker J.D. and Mike Williams M. Ed., Realize Now is comprised of a team of expert business professionals, management consultants, innovators, executors, and optimists who are dedicated to the practice of helping others reach their max potential. They’ve partnered with FPP Coalition peers on various projects to help build up communities and those within them, and the FPP Coalition support staff is honored to have their services align and support the Coalition and its mission to Elevate Financial Capability for All.

Their Mission: Whether seeking breakthrough performance as an individual, business owner, athlete, organization, or whatever it is, Realize Now is here to help individuals unlock potential. They offer speaking, coaching, workshops, and training in services including, Parenting, Leadership, and Inclusion, Diversity, & Equity. The goal is to help individuals and companies reach their fullest potential. People can do whatever they put their mind to, as long as they effectively invest their time and effort in it. 

Their Services: Realize Now is offering workshops in Parenting, Leadership and Diversity, Inclusion & Equity. Parenting workshops include: Challenging, Behavior, Balance, Self-Care, Budgeting & Retirement, Paycheck, Taxes, & Credit – How It Really All Works! Leadership workshops include: Value Based Leadership, Courageous Leadership, Driving Performance. Diversity, Inclusion & Equity workshops include: What Gets In the Way, Equity – How Do I Deal With That?, Business Case for Diversity.

Their Show: Realize Now holds “Realize Your Potential” on Spondulics, a talk-show style broadcast highlighting and identifying potential within oneself and situation. The show, with Mike Williams and Travis Walker, are 10- to 15-minute episodes (as long as 25 minutes with guests), focusing on tips learned from the wins and failures that have helped the hosts reach tangible and intangible high levels of success. The show will deal with everyday topics for the everyday person who is trying to deal with a new normal. This show is your guide to personal growth and motivation. This show helps you realize you do not have to be blessed with high levels of athletic ability, great acting chops, an unrivaled comedic sense, or genius in the tech field to find high levels of success. What you are reaching for, people have achieved, and the show’s goal is to be your guide on your journey to your own success. Watch now at https://spondulics.org/watch.

Upcoming Events: On Thursday, August 19th from 2:00 PM to 3:30 PM Realize Now will be hosting a live session at https://fppcoalition.org/event/bettertogetheraugust2021/. Studies show that one of the top predictors of future wealth is existing wealth within the household and family tree. It is not just the resources, but the Financial Capability knowledge, skill, acumen, and most importantly, access, that make the difference. When a small fraction of the people in the United States possess a majority of the wealth, the knowledge, skill and acumen are not reaching the masses. And that leads to a result that is less than True Inclusion for our nation. Travis and Mike say, let’s explore this together!

Their Products: Realize Now are introducing The Finance Basics Flashcards Set! Don’t waste any more time with your finances in a mess or letting the people around you get deeper into financial trouble because they just don’t understand it all. The Finance Basics Flashcards set is here to make learning and teaching about finance easier with their signature micro-learning style to break learning down into manageable chunks. The definitions are concise and simple, and the talking points allow you, a financial coach or parent, to go further and explore the concepts in detail. Get yours today at https://FPPCoalition.org/RealizeNow.

FPP is honored to have Realize Now as a partner to the Coalition.