Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): Rental Assistance for Landlords

July 9th, 2021

If you’re a landlord and the income you get from tenants paying rent payments is the way you pay your own mortgage, taxes, insurance, and other costs, then when the rent comes in short—or not at all—you might find yourself struggling to make ends meet.

Help is available. State and local governments are distributing billions of dollars in federal emergency rental assistance, and you may have a right to apply for it.

  1. Rental assistance isn’t just for tenants. Rental assistance can help you recoup lost rent. If you’re a landlord, you may think of rental assistance as help for renters. But at the moment, most programs require landlords to apply for assistance first.
  2. Payments are usually made to you directly. State and local programs are delivering money straight to landlords, utility companies, and other providers.
  3. You have a role to play. You may be able to apply for your tenants. Where tenants can apply, they may need your help to complete the application process. They usually also need your information in order to pay you.

Learn more about rental assistance and help for landlords, and share this information with your tenants and professional networks.