Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB): New Tools to Measure the Financial Well-Being of Hispanics

May 3, 2021

We’ve released a new report, Measuring the financial well-being of Hispanics: 2018 Financial Well-being Score Benchmarks. The report provides a foundational set of benchmarks showing the financial well-being of Hispanic adults, as measured by the CFPB Financial Well-Being Scale. The report provides detailed information on the financial well-being scores by individual characteristics and issues of interest to people who work with the Hispanic community.

In addition, we’ve created an interactive version of the CFPB Financial Well-being Scale in Spanish that consumers can use to get their score.

We hope these resources support the efforts to improve the financial well-being of Hispanics and ensure an equitable economic recovery from COVID-19. For more information and resources during the pandemic visit our COVID-19 resources, available in multiple languages.