Florida Alliance for Community Solutions (formerly FL Alliance of CDCs, or FLACDC): Outcome Data Survey, Request #2

February 15, 2021

The Florida Alliance for Community Solutions (formerly Florida Alliance of CDCs) would like to invite you to participate in survey designed to collect outcome data from our field in Florida. The purpose of this tool is to collect outcomes data from our members and other nonprofits working in Florida’s low-to-moderate income (LMI) communities to demonstrate how our field positively impacts these communities and highlight their contributions to the State’s economy.

Please allow approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey. We know your time is valuable so we’ve got a shortcut for you. You can download the survey as a PDF , record your responses based on your most recently completed fiscal year, then log into the survey and enter your information in one sitting. And, we’d like to offer a small incentive to ensure your participation. Each organization that completes the survey will be eligible to receive a $50 discount on 20201 membership in the Alliance or one complimentary registration for the 2021 Summit.

Please reach out to ebi@rollins.edu or 407-975-6414 if you have questions about the survey tool.

Thanks for all you do – stay safe, stay strong and keep healthy.

Terry Chelikowsky
Executive Director
126 West Adams St., Suite 601
Jacksonville, FL  32202
C 904-400-2619
O 904-598-2669