Florida Housing Coalition: Important Information on Eviction and Foreclosure Protections for Florida Residents

October 2, 2020

Important Information on Eviction and Foreclosure Protections for Florida Residents

On September 30, Governor Ron DeSantis allowed the state’s eviction and foreclosure moratorium to expire. The moratorium, which had been in effect since April and was amended slightly in August, protected Florida residents from eviction and foreclosure actions for non-payment of rent due to COVID-19. According to a press release, the Governor allowed the state moratorium to expire “to avoid any confusion over whether the CDC’s [Order] should apply in a particular circumstance.”

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Order the Governor refers to was issued in early September. The Order, which protects eligible tenants from eviction for non-payment of rent through the end of 2020, is clear to apply only to states that do not have a moratorium on residential evictions with the same level of protection that the Order provides. Now, since the Florida moratorium is no longer in effect, it is clear that the CDC order will control Florida eviction protections through the end of 2020.