FEMA: Region IV Interagency Recovery Coordination – COVID-19 eBrief #2

September 17, 2020

FEMA RIV IRC eBrief #2

  • COVID-19: Interagency Recovery Coordination

Information sharing is key as we collectively navigate our way through response and recovery to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please share this eBrief and our COVID-19 Region IV IRC Portal with your network. When accessing the dashboard, if you receive a pop-up box requesting your credentials, please close the box and enter as a guest.

FEMA supports state, local, tribal and territorial recovery by coordinating across the federal government to resolve operation and policy challenges. For the COVID-19 pandemic recovery, FEMA has been developing resources that partners can use to explore and navigate available supplemental appropriations. Specifically, FEMA has created two tools – the COVID-19 Resource Summary Report and COVID-19 Resource Roadmaps.

The “COVID-19 Resource Summary Report” compiles available resources provided by federal departments and agencies. The report captures federal funding sources that can be applied to specific areas for COVID-19 recovery (e.g., education) and helps partners understand where there is potential duplication of benefits within areas of interest, including potential overlap with FEMA Public Assistance.

The “COVID-19 Resource Roadmaps“, tool provides a deep-dive into specific topic areas and challenges associated with COVID-19 recovery. Roadmaps offers potential solutions and federal resources that could support recovery activities. To date, FEMA has published two roadmaps: “COVID-19 Education Resource Roadmap,” and “COVID-19 Food and Nutrition.” FEMA will provide additional roadmaps for Healthcare, Housing and Economic Development by the end of September. Roadmaps use information that is either publicly available or publicly obtained, and should be used for informational purposes only.

These tools were created by FEMA’s Recovery Support Function Leadership Group, under the National Disaster Recovery Framework. Visit FEMA’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) Response webpage for more information on these resources.


The Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity Agency (CISA) has developed the COVID-19 Recovery CISA Tabletop Exercise Package (CTEP) to assist private sector stakeholders and critical infrastructure owners and operators in assessing short-term, intermediate, and long-term recovery and business continuity plans related to the COVID-19 pandemic. Approved by the White House Task Force, and with input from other federal agencies, this CTEP provides organizations the opportunity to discuss how ongoing recovery efforts could be affected by a potential “second wave” of global pandemic infections. For more information, visit cisa.gov/covid-19-recovery-ctep or to access the COVID-19 Recovery CISA Tabletop Exercise Package Fact Sheet click here.

In times of economic uncertainty, data can illuminate local realities and help leaders direct policy action toward workers and industries that need it most. This visualization by the Brookings Workforce of the Future initiative breaks down the number and dispersion of “vulnerable” jobs (jobs that pay low wages and do not provide benefits) for 380 metropolitan statistical areas and all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. Understanding vulnerability can give cities and states a sense of how exposed their workers are to the COVID-19 crisis in the short term and help them create long-term recovery strategies.

Visit Visualizing Vulnerable Jobs Across America and select your city or state from the drop-down menu to see a sector-by-sector breakdown of vulnerable workers in your local economy. You can also see how your city or state compares to others by selecting “compare to similar size cities/states” or choosing up to two additional comparison cities/states from the drop-down menus above.

  • National Preparedness Month

National Preparedness Month (NPM) is recognized each September to promote family and community disaster planning now and throughout the year. As our nation continues to respond to COVID-19, there is no better time to be involved this September. The 2020 NPM theme is: “Disasters Don’t Wait. Make Your Plan Today.”

This week‘s theme is Prepare for Disasters. Limit the impacts that disasters have on you and your family. Know the risk of disasters in your area and check your insurance coverage. Learn how to get emergency alerts, and where you would go if you and your family need to evacuate. Also learn how to make your home stronger in the face of storms and other common hazards and act fast if you receive a local warning or alert. Make sure your family has a plan and practices it often.

Visit Ready.gov and Weather.gov for more information. Public service announcements (PSA) made for television and radio are available to download from the Ad Council website. These PSAs help to spread awareness and prepare everyone for disasters.

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