CFPB: Help Those You Serve Receive Their EIP Stimulus Payment

August 31, 2020

As a Your Money, Your Goals partner, you and colleagues may be likely to work with some of the estimated 20 million people who have not received an Economic Impact Payment (EIP) of $1,200.

Why? These are people who likely never file taxes and may include homeless, Medicaid and other public assistance participants. There is an open window to get payments, but action is required before October 15, 2020. They will likely need your help.

The announcement below describes the EIP Campaign that the CFPB launched. In short, we summarize the key points below.

  • The CFPB just published the EIP Guide (attached), which explains how to take action by using the IRS non-filer portal.
  • The CFPB is hosting webinars for intermediary organization staff and volunteers. These will:
  • Train staff on how to access the IRS website
  • Offer suggestions for clients to target with outreach
  • Provide flyer information that can be tailored with your information for targeted outreach efforts

Thanks for the important work you do to bring financial empowerment activities and support to the community. It is our hope that the EIP guide, webinars and forthcoming office hours will help clarify the proactive action required to claim the $1,200.