United States Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis: Register Today for the (August 6, 2020) Connecting Communities: Who Will Mind the Children? The Impact of COVID-19 on the Child Care Market

July 30, 2020

Who Will Mind the Children? The Impact of COVID-19 on the Child Care Market

Join us to learn how public policy and non-government organizations can address child care challenges that existed before and are exaggerated during the COVID-19 pandemic. Child care plays a critical role in people’s ability to work, but many lower-income households do not have the economic resources to afford high-quality child care. On the provider side, already-low margins mean many providers may close due to pandemic-related cost increases and revenue reductions.

Speakers will discuss how a successful response to the pandemic will require strengthening the child care sector to address both the short-term economic threat and also provide for a more sustainable business model for child care operators. The program will highlight how bolstering the sector can advance progress on racial and economic equity through access to high-quality child care.


  • Julia Barfield, Senior Manager of Policy and Programs, U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation
  • Eric Buchanan, Director of Strategic Partnerships, Buffett Early Childhood Fund
  • Bevin Parker-Cerkez, Managing Director, Program Services & Senior Director, Early Childhood Education, Reinvestment Fund
  • Ben Horowitz, Senior Project Manager, Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis
  • Matuschka Lindo Briggs, Director of Communications and Strategic Support, Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis (moderator)

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Session Date: Thursday, August 6, 2020
Session Times: Hawaii: 9:00 a.m.; Alaska: 11:00 a.m.; Pacific: 12:00 p.m.; Mountain: 1:00 p.m.; Central: 2:00 p.m.; Eastern: 3:00 p.m.