FL Counts 2020 Census Committee: Census Day of Action is Today!

June 17, 2020

Census Day of Action is Today!

Our Power, Our Census, Census Counts’ June 17 Day of Action centers on how the census builds our political power and protects our civil rights.

The census has understandably taken a backseat in many people’s minds as they deal with job loss, illness, or other effects of COVID-19. Still, we know that getting counted is key to ensuring people have the resources they need to weather this storm and to build their communities.

As the Census Bureau begins Update/Leave and as we move closer to non-response follow up, it’s critical that we reengage the public, elected officials, businesses, and other advocacy organizations in driving self-response and ensuring our communities don’t miss out on their rights and resources. 

On June 17, we’re asking everyone to join a collective digital action AND to build or plug into a national or local event to reenergize our communities. 

Here are sample Our Power, Our Census messages you can share on social media today:

  • As we work to build, protect, and support our communities, there’s no better tool than our collective power. We can boost that power by using the 2020 Census to ensure our communities receive:
    • funding for fundamental human rights like health care, food, and housing
    • a say in who leads the political institutions that have the power to protect or harm us;
    • the ability to gather the evidence needed to protect people from discrimination
    • and a democracy where every voice matters and every vote is valued.
  • When we’re missing from the census, our existence and our struggles are erased from the story of America. Resources and political power meant to support our community and give us a voice are assigned somewhere else.
    • The census determines how money and power are assigned by counting how many people there are to serve in each neighborhood, city, and state.
    • Yet time and time again the census has missed millions of us — including communities of color, LGBTQ people, people with disabilities, immigrants and refugees, people with low incomes or experiencing homelessness, and young children.
    • The census builds America so the census should look like America. 
  • We all deserve to thrive, not just survive. The census provides a fair say in choosing our leaders and the power to build the world around us.
    • If resources and political power are flowing into communities, we should not miss out on our piece of the pie. 
    • Everyone living in the United States has the right to be counted in the 2020 Census. Every immigrant, every child, every neighbor, every student, everyone.
    • Even if you can’t vote, filling out the 2020 Census is a way to make your voice heard. 

It’s our power. It’s our census. It’s time to get counted.