Prosperity NOW: Sharing Some Resources to Help Us Process the Events of the Last Few Months

June 8, 2020

We wanted to reach out and connect with you all. On top of the impact and fallout from CV-19, our country is hurting and grieving for the senseless death of George Floyd, among the hundreds of other Black lives recently lost due to police violence, institutionalized racism, white supremacy, and the economic marginalization of African American communities. This is a heartbreaking and painful time for many of us, personally, and nationally.

Prosperity Now’s Field Engagement team wanted to take a moment to reach out to all of you and see how you are doing. We are sending you love, comfort and courage during this dark time, and want you to know that we stand and fight in solidarity with you.

Despite our fear, anger, grief and sadness, we also see an opportunity. An opportunity to listen and learn, to remember our history, to honor those who have lost so much in this fight, to challenge the status quo, and to dismantle the institutions of racism and oppression. We see an opportunity for all of us to come together, to strive to create a better world for us, our families and each other.

In the spirit of that learning and listening, we would like to share two resources with you that might be helpful to your personal or organizational journey to processing the events of the last few months:

If you feel inclined, we invite you to share similar tools, resources and articles through this listserv to help our peers across the country become more effective allies. (Please note, the listserv is moderated, and moderators will be approving any content posted.) This is an opportunity for all of us in this community to listen and learn, in a safe space.