CyberCrime Support Network: Scam Spotter, a New Resource!

May 28 2020

As a natural extension of our work supporting victims of cybercrime, we’ve partnered with Google on a new initiative, Scam Spotter, that helps people learn how to avoid getting swindled in the first place. The site’s advice is relevant to all, but we designed it with seniors in mind: really big text, retro-inspired graphics, and a very easy pathway to sharing on Facebook. Rather than a long list of dangers, we focus on “three golden rules” that are easy to remember and apply. It’s designed for ease of use for mobile devices and sharing.

Scam Spotter is an important asset for pursuing the CSN mission on a national scale. Please help CSN grow by announcing the launch of this great resource using the messages in the attached tool kit on your social share sites.

We welcome you to link to from your organization’s own anti-scam messaging, where possible.

Google is helping us reach out to targeted media outlets to help amplify the message, but your social posts will be important to show diversity of support and reach a broader audience.

Thank you for all you do to help victims of cybercrime.  We appreciate your support!